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Thursday, 11 October 2018 19:40 Велизар Георгиев
sresta_tarnovo_sait"I am convinced that what we are doing is in the name of the children and their better future. In order to provide them with a dignified life and to implement these children's development policies, not only documents and solutions, but also suitable and prepared people are needed. The human factor in this sphere is the most important one for realizing our common goals." This was stated by the district governor of Veliko Tarnovo, Prof. Dr. Lubomira Popova, who opened and attended a regional meeting on the problems of children from Northern Bulgaria. It was held on October 11 in the old capital and presented a national analysis of the problems of the young inhabitants of the country with emphasis placed on the children from Northern Bulgaria. The study was developed by the expert Mr. Ivaylo Milanov on the basis of the conducted and presented analyzes of the six administrative regions of Bulgaria.
Representatives of district administrations, local authorities, NGOs and graduates of the BSoP from Northern Bulgaria also learned about the European experience in solving children's problems thanks to the educational expert Ms. Mariana Georgieva, a PhD student in Pedagogical and Aging Psychology at the University of Veliko Tarnovo and at the Stefan Zweig University "In Salzburg.
The meeting in Veliko Tarnovo was part of the project "The Voice of Bulgarian Children".
Tuesday, 09 October 2018 18:37 Велизар Георгиев
sresta_plovdiv_saitThe graduates of the BSoP - the MP Ms. Asya Peeva and the Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv Mr. Stefan Stoyanov, opened the regional meeting on the problems of the children in South Bulgaria.
The forum which is a part of “The Voice of Bulgarian Children” project was held on 9 October in Plovdiv and was attended by over 30 representatives of regional and local authorities, NGOs, representatives of the Agency for Social Assistance and    alumni of the Bulgarian School of Politics from Southern Bulgaria.
A national analysis on the problems of the small inhabitants of the country with an emphasis on the problems of the children from South Central, South-Eastern and South-West regions was presented during the event. The research was conducted by the expert Mr. Ivailo Milanov on the basis of the developed and presented analyzes of the six administrative regions of Bulgaria.
According to the document, the population in Southern Bulgaria under working age is almost twice as high as compared to the Northern part of the country. In 2017, 689,808 children lived south of the Balkan, which is 5432 more than in 2016. In North Bulgaria, however, in 2017 the number of children was 346,220 and continued to decline. Further statistics and conclusions on welfare, education, health and child justice were presented.
The educational expert Ms. Mariana Georgieva shared with the participants in the meeting Europe's experience of coping with children's problems.
Monday, 16 July 2018 08:25 Велизар Георгиев

The Bulgarian School of Politics "Dimitry Panitza" organized for a fifth consecutive time a training for Moroccan women leaders. The two-day seminar was held in mid-July in the capital of Morocco. A partner of the BSoP was the Moroccan Citizenship School of Political Studies. This year, the event was again supported by the Bulgarian Embassy in the African country and the International Organization of the Francophonie.

"Promoting women and their role in the social and economic development of the society" was the topic of the forum, which was officially opened by Irina Aleksieva - Executive Director of the BPU until 2017 and current advisor to the Bulgarian EU Commissioner Maria Gabriel. In her address to the participants Ms. Alexieva stressed on the importance of women in governance and the need of modern society to implement policies related to balance, flexibility and long-term development.

H.E. Boryana Simeonova, Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Kingdom of Morocco, thanked the organizers for the traditionally good cooperation, a real result of which were already the hundreds of Moroccan graduates of the BSoP who had been trained both in Morocco and Bulgaria.

Within the two days, the participants gained skills in conducting information campaigns and acquired knowledge of the means, channels and tools needed to effectively implement and validate leadership causes. Guests and lecturers at the Rabat forum were also Rumyana Grozeva – Acting Executive Director of the BSoP, Youssef Laaraj - Director of the Moroccan Citizenship School of Political Studies, Maria Mihaylova - organizational psychologist and group psychotherapist, Raja Morgani - representative of the National Human Rights Council in Morocco, PR-experts and women ambassadors in the Kingdom of Morocco, personally invited by the Bulgarian Ambassador Boryana Simeonova.

The participants in the training program received official diplomas and are already part of the hundreds of BSoP graduates, including members of the two Chambers of the Moroccan Parliament, members of the municipal and mayoral administrations as well as of many other different organizations in the public and political life of Morocco.

Saturday, 28 April 2018 19:38 Велизар Георгиев

28.04_saitThe Bulgarian School of Politics organized another free training for its graduates. On the last Saturday of April, ten school graduates spent their day off in learning the ins and outs of organizing an information campaign on children's policies. Under the expert guidance of the communications expert Mihail Stefanov, political and civic leaders have learned the algorithm for building a successful information campaign as well as the most common mistakes that are made in organizing and implementing it. In order to practice the theory learned, the participants worked on a specific case study. They had to organize an information campaign, to convince local authorities and the public about the need for a mobile group to work with children with antisocial behavior.

The training "Strategic Planning of Information Campaigns for Children's Policies" is part of the project "The Voice of Bulgarian Children", which is funded by the Oak Foundation.

Saturday, 24 March 2018 19:10 Велизар Георгиев

obu4enie_saitGraduates of the Bulgarian School of Politics - current MPs, municipal councilors, representatives of the judiciary, businesses, civic organizations, lecturers were taught how to organize successful information campaigns for children's policies. The training took place on March 24th in Sofia and brought together graduates of different cohorts of the School who were all interested in developing and implementing successful children's policies and promoting good practices for children.

How do we organize an effective information campaign - organize an event, get into the media, challenge the interest of users in social networks, attract the attention of national and local authorities?

The answers to these questions were given to the trainees by the communication expert Mr. Mihail Stefanov. With a group task, based on a real problem identified in the analysis of the issues of the children from Southwest Bulgaria, the trainees had a simulation of an information campaign.

The "Strategic Planning of Information Campaigns for Children's Policies" training takes place under the project "The Voice of Bulgarian Children", which is funded by the Oak Foundation.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018 14:08 Велизар Георгиев

iotova_saitThere is no debate, "No to Europe" but we can not continue without a radical change. That said the Vice President Iliana Yotova during a lecture in front of the graduates of this year's National Program "Governing skills" of the Bulgarian School of Politics. In front of the political and civic leaders trained in the program, the Vice President presented her opinion on the challenges facing the European project, its development and the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU. Iliana Yotova is convinced that if the right policies were put in place in the most tranquil years of the EU, Member States would successfully meet the consequences of the economic crisis and let citizens feel why they needed Europe.

"Maybe we do not realize that the most serious crisis in the EU is the deficit of ideas," said the Vice President and stressed that the result is the strengthening of anti-European voices. She pointed out the particularly important role of national parliaments and local authorities in the negotiations for Multiannual Financial Framework. On the topic of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU, Iliana Yotova said that concrete results on the "Western Balkans" priority were needed. As extremely difficult and delicate, the Vice-President identified the role of Bulgaria as a mediator between the EU and Turkey. In the lively discussion then the 2018 graduates exchanged views on the future of Europe.

The Vice President Iliyana Yotova was the last speaker in the training of this year's cohort of the Bulgarian School of Politics. From October to March the forty participants in the National Program "Governing skills" went through four courses each of which was four days. The successful graduates will receive diplomas in a few months and will become part of the network of the Bulgarian School of Politics.

And as usual at each final, there was a picture of the participants, a lot of emotions and new friendships that everybody kept in the heart while leaving Hotel Riu in Pravets.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018 20:06 Велизар Георгиев

boyko_saitFor or against the revocation of summer time. This was the topic of the simulation of a TV debate, which involved the participants in the National Program during the third day of the last training course.

Before moving on to the debate with arguments, the trainees listened with interest the journalist Mr. Boyko Vassilev. The producer and host of the "Panorama" broadcast on the Bulgarian National Television gave the students practical tips on how to behave in front of the camera and how to defend their thesis in 30 seconds.

Earlier during the day Professor Ingrid Shikova, Professor of European Studies at Sofia University, presented to the participants a lecture entitled "EU decision-making process" followed by a simulation game in which the program's trainees had to negotiate a multi-year financial framework of the EU.

Monday, 19 March 2018 20:03 Велизар Георгиев

fileva_saitThe second day of the fourth course of the National Program "Governing Skills", which is being held at Riu Hotel in Pravets, started with the "Development Cooperation and Sustainable Development Program 2030". What is development policy and how it has developed during the years the trainees learned from Prof. Petranka Fileva and Dr. Ralitsa Kovacheva from the Faculty of Journalism at Sofia University.

The training day continued with the theme of the European perspective for the Western Balkans, where lecturers were the Director of South East Europe Directorate at the MFA Mr. Angel Angelov, the Director of the Sofia Bureau of the European Council on Foreign Relations Mrs. Vesela Tcherneva and Mr. Christoph Bender, senior analyst at the European Initiative for Stability.
At the end of the day, the rules of conduct in society drew the attention of the forty trainees of the BSoP. Mr. Anatoly Paziiski, a career diplomat and long-time head of the Internal Protocols and Ceremonies Department of the President's Office, was the lecturer on style, etiquette and protocol.


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