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Tuesday, 16 July 2019 18:56 Велизар Георгиев

marocco_2019In July 2019, for a sixth consecutive time, the Bulgarian School of Politics "Dimitry Panitza", in partnership with the Citizenship School of Political Studies in Morocco, held a two-day training course for female leaders from the Kingdom of Morocco. The project was funded by the International Organisation of La Francophonie.

The theme of this year's event was related to the search for an answer of the question "Why is the participation of women leaders in politics important?" During the official opening the Executive Director of the BSoP, Ms. Rumyana Grozeva emphasized the importance of the active participation of women in the state management and the implementation of policies related to the introduction of flexible leadership strategies.

The highlight of the welcome speech of the Ambassador of Bulgaria to the Kingdom of Morocco, Mr. Yuriy Shterk, was the National Strategy of Bulgaria for equality between women and men and the EU policy in this field. In his speech, Mr. Shterk also praised the progress made by the Moroccan side in this regard.

During the two-day interactive training format, the participants explored the themes of "leadership and leadership styles", "teamwork and leadership competence", "leadership and motivation", "effective communication" and "leadership through the roles of women and men". The sessions were moderated by Ms. Maria Mihailova - organizational psychologist and group psychotherapist.

Guests and speakers at the Forum, held in Rabat, were Mr. Yousef Larash, Director of the Citizenship School of Political Studies in Morocco and Ms. Raja Morzani, a representative of the National Council for Human Rights in Morocco.

The participants in the training program received official diplomas and are now part of the hundreds of BSoP graduates, among whom are members of the two chambers of the Moroccan Parliament, representatives of local authorities, as well as many others on different positions in the public of Morocco.

Saturday, 06 July 2019 15:00 Велизар Георгиев

regional_academy_kovachev_sait27 young leaders who are all alumni of the schools of politics in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro have successfully completed their participation in the Regional Academy "European Perspective for the Western Balkans". The MEP and deputy chairman of the Group of the European People's Party in the European Parliament, Andrey Kovachev, awarded the diplomas during a solemn ceremony. In his speech, he stressed on the importance of the accession of the Balkan countries to the EU and commented on hot issues for the future governance of the Union in the next parliamentary term.

The Academy was held from 2nd to 6th of July. Its main objective was to improve the regional co-operation and connectivity on the Balkan Peninsula, as well as the European integration of the Western Balkans region. The Academy is an initiative of the Bulgarian School of Politics, implemented with the support of the European Endowment for Democracy.

Friday, 05 July 2019 19:11 Велизар Георгиев

balkanska_programa_cveta_2019_saitThe penultimate working day of the Regional Academy "European Perspective for the Western Balkans" was devoted to meetings and discussions with representatives of the state and local authorities.

The young leaders from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Serbia visited the Bulgarian National Assembly at the invitation of its President and a graduate of the Bulgarian School of Politics Mrs. Cveta Karayancheva. Before talking to her, the participants in the Academy attended the session of the National Assembly. During the meeting, they asked the President of the National Assembly to share with them the experience of Bulgaria in the negotiation process for EU membership and in the harmonization of legislation with European norms. After that, the representatives of the seven Balkan countries had a tour of the National Assembly and got acquainted with its history.

The meeting with the Mayor of Sofia, Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova, was held in the meeting room of the city council. The Mayor of Sofia spoke about the opportunities our capital had received with Bulgaria's EU membership. Mrs. Fandakova provided examples of a waste-treatment plant, the subway, the modernization of urban land transport, the opportunity for young people to travel and educate themselves around the world.

"The BSoP is my school. Before I became a mayor, I attended lectures and classes at the School and felt very happy. Certainly, the BSoP has given me a lot, but one piece of advice is extremely important: have fun during your studies, because the work as a politician is very difficult", the Mayor of Sofia addressed the young leaders.

The working program of the day ended with a meeting at the Council of Ministers with the Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Tomislav Donchev. For more than an hour, the participants talked with the him about economic issues. Tjey also asked him about his opinion on the need for a change in the profile of the Balkan politician.

Afterwards, it was time to get acquainted with the history and sights of Sofia. With the help of a guide, the young people, participants in the Academy, had a look at the Bulgarian capital.

Tuesday, 02 July 2019 19:43 Велизар Георгиев

balkan_academy_iotova_sait"The exchange of experience between Bulgaria as an EU member state and the countries of the Western Balkans is extremely valuable. Yesterday, roaming prices have dropped in Western Balkan countries, and by 2021 they should be dropped altogether. I hope that the walls between the countries in the region will fall." This was stated by the Vice-President Iliyana Yotova, who was the first guest at the Regional Academy "European Perspective for the Western Balkans" organized by the Bulgarian School of Politics. Yotova thanked the School for its activities as a whole, for the organization of the Academy and for the revival of the tradition of conducting international forums with participants from this region.

27 young civic leaders from Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Serbia are participating in the Western Balkans Regional Academy “European Perspective for the Western Balkans". Among them are journalists, experts, civil servants, representatives of non-governmental organizations. All of them are graduates of the political schools in their countries.

In front of the participants, the Vice-President of Bulgaria expressed her conviction that the place of the countries of the Western Balkans was in the European Union. According to Yotova, the issue of the enlargement of the Union should not come out of the agenda of Europe. The Vice-President also highlighted Bulgaria's leading role in the European integration of the Western Balkans and said that there was no dilemma between economic partnership with the Western Balkans and political enlargement.

The visit of the Vice President ended with many questions from the participants.

The Regional Academy "European Perspective for the Western Balkans" is held from 2 to 6 July in Sofia.

Tuesday, 02 July 2019 19:40 Велизар Георгиев

balkan_academy_zaharieva_saitThe Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria Ekaterina Zaharieva officially opened the Regional Academy "The European Perspective for the Western Balkans", organized by the Bulgarian School of Politics. It involves young leaders from seven Balkan countries, including Bulgaria. In front of the young people, Zaharieva confirmed Bulgaria's support for the Euro-Atlantic integration of the Western Balkan countries and stressed that our country continued to persuade the skeptics of EU enlargement in its necessity.

"We are constantly working to persuade opponents of the idea of enlargement. The countries of the Western Balkans are much closer geographically to some skeptical countries than others in the EU", Zaharieva said.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister noted that the progress of the Western Balkan countries towards European integration depended on the concrete results they had to show in implementing the reforms. She stressed that no one outside can solve the problems on the Balkans without the countries in the region doing so.

"I am proud to be from the Balkans. We should not deny our history or our problems and throw them away. We need to solve them so that you, the youth, stay here and your countries become part of the EU", Ekaterina Zaharieva pointed out.

Her visit ended with many questions from the participants and many photos.

Thursday, 20 June 2019 17:15 Велизар Георгиев

parlament_2019_saitThe Head of the Liaison Office of the European Parliament in Bulgaria Mr. Teodor Stoychev, the MEP Mr. Asim Ademov, the sociologists Mr. Stefan Georgiev and Mr. Dobromir Zhivkov, the deputy director of the European Council for Foreign Policy and director of its Sofia office Ms. Vesela Cherneva discussed with young people and graduates of the BSoP the expected and unexpected results of the 2019 Euro elections which took place at the end of May. This happened during the discussion "The 2019 European Elections - the Balance. Prospects and Challenges for the New Members of the European Parliament".

The forum was held on the 20thof June 2019 at Grand Hotel Sofia and was the final event of the project "Europe Hears You. Vote!", which the Bulgarian School of Politics "Dimitry Panitza" implements with the support of the European Parliament. The event was moderated by the host of the BNT “Referendum” program Ms. Dobrina Cheshmedzhieva.

At the end of the discussion, the winners of the audio-visual competition "Europe Hears You. Vote!" were announced and awarded. Among the dozens of performances sent, a jury of five members: Prof. Ingrid Shikova - founder of the European Studies major and lecturer at Sofia University, Boris Pankin - director, Danail Shcherbanov - photographer, Tanya Chuntova - public relations at the EP Liaison Office in Bulgaria and Bilyana Bogoeva from the  BSoP, chose the three winners and the winners of two more incentive awards. The 18-year-old Nikolay Petrov won first place, and with it a trip to Brussels and a visit to the European Parliament. Second place and a camera were grabbed by students from the National High School of Commerce, Plovdiv. The third place was taken by Yana Voinova, who received a mobile phone. The audience award, a video camera, was won by Radoslav Sviretsov.

Monday, 10 June 2019 17:18 Велизар Георгиев

blagotvoritelna_vecher_vipusk_2019"Books - a Window to Bulgaria". Under this motto, the Class of 2019 of the Bulgarian School of Politics organized a charity event in support of its cause. The event was held on the 8th of June 2019 and gathered over 100 guests at the Military Club in Sofia. Among them were a minister, a deputy minister, MPs, municipal councilors, many civic and political leaders, graduates of the BSoP from different cohorts. The last class of the School continued the tradition of its predecessors to choose and work on a charitable initiative. This year it was to raise funds to support Bulgarian communities abroad with Bulgarian literature, because "Bulgaria is where there are Bulgarians, and the word is what keeps us alive for centuries."

"Today, here, we will all support the noble endeavor to spread some of the Bulgarian national culture among our communities abroad. We hope to raise funds for the purchase of children's and teenage literature from Bulgarian authors, which we know is necessary for our compatriots abroad", the event's presenter Mr. Lyuben Dilov - son, told the audience and drew attention to the fact that Dimi Panitza, a founder and a patron of the BSoP, was also a great philanthropist. The Administrative Director of the School Mr. Velizar Georgiev thanked the Class of 2019 for continuing to develop and promote charity, which had been a leading cause of Dimi Panitza.

During the ensuing charity auction, the guests bade on nearly 20 works of art, personal belongings and sports equipment with the signatures of our great athletes. Among them were a picture painted personally by the Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Krasen Kralev, an icon, a candlestick and a statuette of wrought iron, a personal hat of the world outdoor swimming champion Petar Stoychev, a ball with the signatures of the girls from the national rhythmic gymnastics team, a ball autographed by all CSKA football players, T-shirt signed by Dimitar Berbatov and others. At the end of the auction, it was revealed that over BGN 5,500 had been raised, which would go to buy Bulgarian literature and, along with the books that each guest brought as an entrance to the ball, would be sent to Bulgarian communities abroad.

Thursday, 16 May 2019 14:22 Велизар Георгиев

ulitca_panitza_saitA small street of a symbolic place in Sofia - between "Narodno Sabranie" Sqr. and "Vassil Levski" Blvd, parallel to "Tsar Osvoboditel" Blvd. - is today named after Dimi Panitza. On the street "Dimitry-Ivan Evstatiev Panitza" is the home where the great patriot and philanthropist was born. Politicians, public figures, citizens, relatives and many graduates of the Bulgarian School of Politics participated in the opening ceremony.

"Dimi's fate is related to the democratic process in Bulgaria and the strengthening of civil society in Bulgaria. In the years of the toughest transition, he helped strengthen democratic values and left behind many followers. I am glad that on the eve of May 24th we are sending this message of honor to the great Bulgarian and democrat, who worked tirelessly for the place of Bulgaria in the developed democracies." This is what the mayor of the capital Yordanka Fandakova said in an emotional speech at the opening of the street. She told the attendees that she had personally had the honor to learn from Dimi at the Bulgarian School of Politics, and that she had received many valuable lessons from him - about strict discipline, political controversies and debates that were important to a democratic society. However, for her the most important of Dimi's lessons is that there are causes and goals that should unite the whole society.

"Dimi Panitza is a man of honor and dignity who grew up in a spirit of sound morality. Each of his steps was highly ethical," excitedly told about his closest friend the great Bulgarian physicist Prof. Minko Balkanski. He focused on Dimi's life work and the view that education is the key, the most important factor in promoting the development of one community.

H.E. the French Ambassador to Bulgaria, Eric Lebedel, hoped that this act would be followed by similar gestures of tribute to the Bulgarians who lived abroad for years but returned to work and donate to their country. "People like Dimi Panitza, Prof. Balkanski and others - although they are citizens of the world, these people are first Bulgarians. They are deeply connected with their country. And these deep roots are seen by their visits and their causes. "

Marina von Krysersonon, a niece of Dimi Panitza, thanked on behalf of the family to all who had implemented and supported the initiative. "Dimi has always taught us to tell the truth, to be honest and valiant. These were the values that he always and everywhere advocated. It is great the street in front of our family home to bear our generic name."

Together with the opening of "Dimitry-Ivan Evstatiev Panitza" Str., in the Largo is already arranged an open-air exhibition, which will introduce the citizens and guests of the capital with the life, the work and the contribution of the great patriot.


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