Inspiring Others, Generating Change and Transforming Society – Philanthropy as a Core Value of the Leaders

Philanthropy is in the heart of the activities of the Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza” and in our aspirations for changing the society for better.

Our efforts are targeted to reinforce the culture of philanthropy and to revive philanthropic traditions in our society. In our activities we share the understanding that giving should not be captured within the framework of a single campaign, that the culture of philanthropy should be brought up among young leaders, and that charity is an integral part of the value system of our nation. That is why for many years the School has been working to turn the philanthropy from one-time giving into a long-lasting engagement and to awaken young leaders to the need for giving money, efforts and time for a certain cause.

In the long-term, we want to reinforce philanthropy as the main characteristic of the contemporary leader and as an irreversible part of contemporary understanding of leadership, to stimulate young political and civic leaders to strengthen their philanthropic experience and practices, and to inspire others through their actions to make strategic changes in our society.