Inspiring Others, Generating Change and Transforming Society – Philanthropy as a Core Value of the Leaders

The Project

The activities of the Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza” in the field of philanthropy are part of our aspirations to change the society for better. For the past years more and more Bulgarians have accepted giving as one of the ways to express their own position and to take an active part in the transition processes in the country. Even more people recognize different social causes as theirs and start working on them. Such change happens also in the community of young political and civic leaders with whom BSoP “Dimitry Panitza” works. The causes realized in the past years and linked with a one-time assistance for something have been replaced with ones that aim to change certain communities or the society in general.

Despite these positive changes, there is still one problem which all organizations working in the field of philanthropy face. Larger part of prominent philanthropists refrains from sharing their stories and is unwilling to speak publicly about the things they do. This tendency is also observed among School’s philanthropic alumni. It is a challenge with which we need to deal with; a tendency which prevents young leaders to become models for socially responsible behavior and to encourage more people to follow them. This silence hinders dissemination of philanthropy as culture and slows down the process of change, which we could see in the society. 

Our aspiration is to break the silence of philanthropic leaders, to encourage them to share their practices and to involve others to make social change. We want to establish philanthropy as a basic virtue of contemporary leader, and to stimulate the community of young leaders who see philanthropy as a mechanism for change and a strategic investment in the future. We want to make this community stronger and powerful by stimulating open and beneficial dialogue between generations.

Project Goals:
The main goal of the project is to further support the community of young philanthropic leaders, who see individual acts of giving and volunteering as irreversible steps towards considerable social change. We want to encourage political and civic leaders to strengthen and expand their experience in the field of philanthropy, to inspire and involve others and with their deeds to provoke changes in their communities and the society in general. We want to push the dialogue between generations by enriching philanthropic community and establishing philanthropy as a basic virtue of the contemporary leader and as an integral part of leadership. 

Project Target Groups:
The main target groups are representatives of legislative, executive and local authorities, representatives of judicial power, community leaders and NGO leaders. Those are people who create and implement public policies in the country, are public opinion leaders and prominent representatives of different ethnic communities, capable to involve others with their example and activities. These are participants in the National Program, School’s alumni, BSoP partners and lecturers at our events. Those are people who accept philanthropy as a long-lasting engagement with a cause and believe that it is a way to change as themselves, as well as the community and the country in which they live. They could turn into a model to be followed by others, to become examples of philanthropy as a way to make the society better.

Project Implementation Period:
January 2015 – December 2016

Project Results:
•   Promoting philanthropy as a core virtue of the contemporary leader by strengthening and expanding philanthropic practices of young leaders
•   Encouraging new givers to follow suit and make social change
•   Provoking change in society through exchange between generations and strengthening philanthropic community
•   Inspiring new leaders through creating new tools and establishing new sources for strengthening their philanthropic work