Leaders with a Mission – Supporting the Covid-19 Vaccination Process in Isolated Areas and Among Vulnerable Groups 

Morocco is among the countries that maintain a high level of immunization coverage with vaccines in the mandatory immunization schedule. On average, 93%of the population has compulsory immunizations. According to UNICEF's annual report for 2019, the last year before the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of immunized children has been steadily stable for the last seven years and one of the highest in Africa. This is a guarantee that the population is protected from a number of vaccine-preventable diseases. However, differences between the country's geographical areas, between urban and rural areas, in access to medical services, including vaccines, are significant. The health crisis caused by Covid-19 has changed the attitude and ratio of vaccines as the best means of general protection against epidemics in Morocco as well. Although Morocco is one of the countries with a high percentage of fully vaccinated citizens(23.20% as of early June 2021), the gap in access to health services between different parts of the country, between cities and rural areas, between the middle class and vulnerable groups population is becoming increasingly distinct.

The overall objective of the project is to support the process of increasing women’s participation in political and social life in Morocco by taking initiative, overcoming traditions and prejudices and successfully participating in decision-making processes in the country during the crisis caused by Covid-19.

Specific objectives:

The main target group of the project are women (teachers and administrative staff of schools and universities, doctors and employees in medical institutions, employees of the state and local administration, freelance journalists, analysts, and political experts) who actively participate in public and political life in Morocco.

The project is implemented by the Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza” in partnership with the leading organization the Citizenship School of Political Studies in Morocco and is funded by the Bulgarian Development Aid.