Mr. Ahmed Dogan: “Bulgaria Needs a National Vision”

“In the last six years, after being situated in the EU, our country urgently needs a national vision for development,” said Mr. Ahmed Dogan who is chairperson of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms to the participants in the National Program “Governing skills” of the Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza.”

He underlined that without such a vision the policy is situational and ad hoc. This vision must include a defining the national idea and gpals; basic values, as well as how we define and redefine the national interests within a global system like EU. This implies a new approach to national priorities in the first place in the economy, said Mr. Dogan.

Asked by a program participant Mr. Dogan explained also that he doesn`t predict full collapse of the EU, but there are adverse trends that may lead to its division into parts. In such a negative scenario, the issue of Plan B and Plan C is fundamental, but the Bulgarian political class is not yet ready to give an answer.
The MRF leader congratulated the participants and admitted that he has a respect for the work of the school. Mr. Ahmed Dogan told them that “the leader lives inside a man and such kind of schools should awake his potential and then improve it.”