Europe of the Regions – Where We Stand?

The regional development was the focus of the program at the third day of the second course of the National Program “Governing skills””. The morning session began with the presentation of Mr. Thomas Wobben, who is the director for “Horizontal Policies and Networks”at the European Union Committee of the Regions. He explained to the participants the role of the regions in EU decision making. The program continued with a lecture for the regions in Bulgaria. The executive director of the Institute for Market Economics Ms. Svetla Kostadinova presented the research “Regional Profiles: Indicators for Development”. Mr. Vasil Garnizov, who is a lecturer at the New Bulgarian University, talked about the possible options for decentralization.

In the afternoon session the trainees participated in a simulation of the TV current affair broadcast “Referendum”. The topic of the debate was “Pros and cons the monopoly of the National health insurance fund”. The moderator of the discussion was the TV journalist Ms. Dobrina Cheshmedjieva.