The Youth Unemployment in Europe – a Priority for Europe

Policies for reducing the youth unemployment should be a focus in the programs of political parties in Europe and Bulgaria. That was the thesis of the Bulgarian members of the European parliament Ms. Monika Panayotova and Mr. Christian Vigenin the Group. They gave different points of view and showed different approaches to the problem of the large European families in the European Parliament. They answered to many questions with regard to other policies such as the integration of the minorities, quotas for women on boards of large companies, government policy to keep young people in Bulgaria.

The morning session was dedicated to the European Budget. Mr. Ivaylo Kalfin, who is a member of the European Parliament, Vice-chairman of the Committee on Budgets and a rapporteur on the multiannual financial framework 2014-2020, explained to the Program participants the different points of view in the European Parliament on the topic. After the lecture, the trainees participated in a simulation and had to consult and approve the EU budget for 2014. The case study was prepared by Ms. Ekaterina Karamfilova, a PhD in European studies.