Sasha Bezuhanova: “The leader should indeed ‘lead’ and to believe in his or her cause”.

What should the leader of 21st century be like and what are the challenges ahead of the leaders in Bulgaria and in Europe – those were some of the main accents during the second day of the course “Leadership, Organization and Communication” from the program “Governing Skills”.

In her presentation, Sasha Bezuhanova, chairperson of the board of BSoP, put an accent on the qualities of the contemporary leader and the challenges that are ahead of the leadership in Bulgaria. She added that some of the most important questions, that the young leaders should be looking for solutions are: does Bulgaria have a common national cause and an ethical platform and, what is more, are those shared.

In his lecture ambassador Piotr Świtalski, director of “Policy Planning” of the Council of Europe outlined a few scenarios regarding the future of Europe. He stressed that the priorities at the moment are to restore the old continent’s economic growth and pointed out two factors that neutralize the role of technology in this growth: demography and inequality.

The afternoon sessions were dedicated to effective speaking and persuasive communication. Prof. Ivanka Mavrodieva talked about models of political speaking and rhetoric skills that captivate the audience. Miroslav Mavrov illustrated the main rules for participation in political debates.

The participants held a political debate on the topic of “For and Against Obligatory Voting”.