Ivan Stanchov: “Charity is About Love and Hope”

Is there a place for moral in politics and where does the link between politics and society break? With a lecture and a discussion on this topic began the third day of the course “Leadership, Organization, Communication”, which takes place in Pravetz. Doc. Daniel Smilov, a lecturer from SU “ Kliment Ohridski” and program director at the Centre for Liberal Strategies made a brief historical review of the philosophical views on the link between moral and politics and gave examples of different research cases on political responsibility and the attitude towards politics as a profession.

The ability of managing conflicts and crisis, types of conflicts and appropriate strategies for their solution, were the accent in  Naiden Nikolov’s lecture, who teaches social psychology and is a director of a consultancy company.

The mediators Albena Komitova and Sevdelina Alexandrova introduced to the participants the art of effective negotiation. While working in the small groups, the participants searched for conflict solutions and held “soft” and “hard” negotiations.

A special guest in the rubric “30 minutes in the company of…” was ambassador Ivan Stanchov, who shared with the participants his motives to found “Karin Dom” and foundation “Gavrosh” in Varna and to work for the popularization of charity in Bulgaria.

“Charity is hope and love”, said ambassador Stanchov and added, that a man should not only receive, but also give. This is the way to live in a better world and in a better Bulgaria.

The participants received two books on philanthropy, published by BSoP, with the financial help of “Charles Stewart Mott” foundation.