“Bulgaria’s Long-term Strategies” – Education and Labour Market

The panel “Bulgaria’s Long-term strategies” was the accent during the last day of the course in the National Program. The topic was education and labour market.  Special guests were the Chair of the Bulgarian Industrial Association – Mr. Bozhidar Danev, the Chair of the Chancellor’s Council for Higher Education in Bulgaria – Prof. Dr. Vanyo Mitev and Boyan Zahariev, who is a program director at the “Open Society” institute. The presenters warned that, if no urgent measures are to be taken, there is a danger of entire industrial branches to be lacking specialists in very near future. There is insufficiency of engineers, medics, teachers. If the disproportions between the graduates and the labour market needs are to be balanced out, the solution is the state to invest only in particular degrees and courses. The group home-work was also introduced to the participants in the program. In January they will have to prepare and suggest measures for better relations between the education and the labour market.