Igor Kogut: “We are pessimistic about the possible future scenarios on Ukraine”

“I do not believe that NATO forces will take any military action on Ukrainian territory, because that will mean a Third World War”. This is what the director of the Ukrainian School of Political Science – Igor Kogut said, who was a special guest-speaker in the National Program “Governing Skills” of the Bulgarian School of Politics.

He explained that the pessimistic scenario on the Crimean crisis is that Russia might annex Crimea, and the optimistic one, is that Russia might recognize the referendum and still not annex the autonomous republic.  Mr. Kogut answered numerous questions on Ukrainian protests and the political situation in the country. After this lecture the participants did a game dealing with multicultural tolerance.

The afternoon session began with the presentation of “Vote-lead” regarding the forthcoming European elections. This instrument is part of the project “More civil participation and more reason during elections: online means and public debates for civil engagement in national and European elections in Bulgaria” which is funded by the CEE Trust and is conducted by the Bulgarian School of Politics in partnership with the Centre for Liberal Strategies. The expert on protocol- Mr. Anatolii Paziiski outlined the most important rules on public behaviour and explained the state protocol in Bulgaria and worldwide.