Empowered women – active participants in politics and in decision-making process (2015)

Although legislation in Morocco has introduced quotas for women’s participation in the organs of legislative and executive powers, many challenges remain to their active participation in public and political life. The goal of the project “Empowered women – active participants in politics and in decision-making process in Morocco” is to support women who have already taken this path and to reassure them about the importance of their participation. The project is funded by the International Organisation of La Francophonie.

A documentary research on the participation of women in public and political life will be conducted as part of this project, its purpose being to analyse Moroccan and international studies made to that point. The organisations working in the sphere of women’s participation – non-governmental associations, women’s wings of political parties – will be identified and their representatives will participate in a focus group discussion about the challenges to the inclusion of women in politics and in the civil society sector. The purpose of the focus group is to verify and complement the findings of the documentary study. The final document will serve as the basis for the analysis of the training needs of women – active participants in the process of decision-making, in determining the knowledge and skills they would need, as in the planning of trainings meeting their necessities.