Collaborative Action for Enhancing Public Awarenes and Motivating Local Governments and Communities for Response and Adaptation to Climate Change (2015-2016)

The project aims to increase the awareness and improve the capacity to adapt to the effects of climate change through: analysis of local conditions and causes of emergencies in the settlements; study and analysis of the working mechanisms to inform and educate people; activities to increase the role of the media.

Through recommendations based on the analyzes we will help local authorities to take action to improve management practices by ensuring the participation of citizens in the implementation of policies for balanced development and sustainable use of natural resources. Beneficiaries of the project are local communities, young people and decision makers, the media as a key factor for public awareness and response.

The project is implemented by EcoObshtnost Foundation and the Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza” and is financed by the NGO Programme under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism.