The twentieth class began training in the National Program of the Bulgarian School of Politics

The jubilee twentieth Class 2022 began its training in the National Program “Governing Skills” of the Bulgarian School of Politics. After a difficult selection among the total of forty trainees are   representatives of seven political parties and coalitions. Among them are four MPs, Deputy District Governor, Deputy Chairman of a Municipal Council, Municipal Councilor, two deputy mayors of municipalities, etc. In Class 2022 there are also representatives of non-governmental and professional organizations, business, civic leaders.

The first of the four training courses started on March 27 at Hotel Lyon – Borovets. It was opened by the Executive Director of the Bulgarian School of Politics (BSoP) Dr. Ivan Nachev, who told about the organization, its founder Dimi Panitza and the purpose of the training program that the School is creating and conducting already 20 years. Immediately after the official opening, the Deputy Prime Minister for Climate Change and Minister of Environment and Water Borislav Sandov visited the trainees. Sandov noted that the Bulgarian School of Politics is extremely important for our country and thanks to it politicians from different parties and civil leaders find common ground. The Deputy Prime Minister commented on the international situation in the moment and talked about the global transformation – digital and green. According to him digitalisation will help both in the fight against corruption and in saving resources. “Times are tough today, but important decisions for the future are being made in difficult times”, Deputy Prime Minister Borislav Sandov concluded in front of the trainees.

Immediately after the meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister, hey received their first assignment, for the implementation of which had to work throughout the entire course. Each of the forty participants picked a leaflet with the name of a classmate. The task “My new friend” made each trainee learn imperceptibly and without suspicion more about a colleague and finally share it with everyone.

At the end of the first working day the head of the master’s program “Political Psychology” and Deputy Chairman of the 43rd National Assembly Ivan K. Ivanov spoke to the trainees about political leadership, personality and power.