Energy Development: A Strategic Vision for Bulgaria

Energy in Bulgaria – is there a strategic vision for its development? This was the topic of the panel “Long-term Strategies for Bulgaria”, which closed the first course “Governing Skills” of the National Program. Yavor Kuiumdzhev vice-chair of the energy committee at the National Assembly, Delian Dobrev, member of the same committee, Hristo Kazandzhiev from Bulgarian Energy Forum and Meglena Rusenova, member of BSoP’s board and chair of the Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association took part in the panel.

The speakers at the discussion presented the view points of the government, the opposition, and the defenders of conventional and also of renewable energy sources. According to Yavor Kuiumdzhiev, the ruling parties are in favour of finishing the construction of Belene nuclear plant and building 7th and 8th blocks of Kozlodui power plant, if the state wants to secure a cheap long-term energy source.

Delian Dobrev said that, according to the opposition we should not concentrate on building new plants, but on the effective use of the existing ones. Hristo Kazandzhiev said that one of the main questions regarding energy is market liberalization, which should not be assertive, operative or a type of an investment program for development, and its implementation is to be a matter of yearly reports presented to the parliament. In her speech, Meglena Rusenova put an accent on the future development of renewable energy sources through the prism of the European tendencies.