Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is an open and non-formal organization of all graduates of the Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza” programs. The Association is an integral part of the School; it is stated in its Statute and exists through the School. Each graduate becomes its member by rights. The mission of the Association is the same as of the School – “to support the creation of a community of civic and political leaders with an active stand in the national, European and global public life, devoted to contemporary democratic values based on pluralism, tolerance and informed debate”.

The Association has its Coordinator, who is a staff member of the Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza”. The Coordinator supports the Alumni activities and organizes conferences, round tables, training seminars, the European Debates initiative, forums, annual meetings of the Alumni Association, and other events.

The Coordinator of the Alumni Association of the Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza” is Ms. Mariana Petrova – tel: +359 2 952 68 82.

The Philanthropist Club is an initiative of the participants in the National Program and alumni of the Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza” who actively work on different giving and volunteering causes. Its aim is to unite young philanthropists, to provide them with a “space” where they could meet, even virtually, discuss common topics and initiatives, share ideas and enrich their own giving practices, as well as look for adherents and inspire others to join them in their causes and initiatives.
For more information, please visit: Philanthropist Club

The Program for life-long capacity building of the Bulgarian School of Politics’ Alumni aims at continual improvement of knowledge and skills of participants in the School’s National and Regional Programs. All Association members can participate in different trainings, according to their personal and professional interests. Topics, which we offer, include further development of debating skills, work with media, communication and social skills, work on philanthropic causes, etc. The methods used are interactive and include lectures and discussions, small group work, simulations and exercises. In addition, trainings provide opportunities for representatives of different classes to meet and exchange ideas and good practices.

Read more about the trainings in 2016 on:

BSoP Alumni were trained how to create successful partnerships on philanthropic causes

Read more about the trainings in 2015 on:

BSoP Alumni were trained how to establish effective partnerships with media for realization of their causes

BSoP Alumni were trained how to be better good-sellers

Read more about the trainings in 2014 on:

The Third Cycle of Alumni Trainings finished

Bulgarian School of Politics’ alumni trainings are still going

BSoP alumni improved their skills in the area of strategic planning of communication campaigns

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Representatives of Different Classes of BSoP Participated in a New Series of Trainings for Alumni

Representatives from Different Classes of BSoP Took Part in a Series of Trainings for Alumni

Annual Alumni meetings are events of the Alumni Association, which gather all classes of the School. Traditionally, the meeting takes place once a year, before Christmas and provides opportunities for Alumni to meet representatives from different classes and to keep contacts between each other alive.

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Class 2015 graduated and hosted the traditional Christmas party of BSoP alumni

Class 2014 Graduated and Hosted a Special Networking Event for the BSoP Alumni

Graduation of Class 2013 of the National Program and Christmas party of BSoP Alumni

Over 90 alumni enjoyed the traditional pre-Christmas Party of the Bulgarian School of Politics

Public lectures of world famous scientists, politicians and public figures are another initiative of the School, involving the alumni. Its aim is to present innovative view points on different topics with global political, economic and social importance and to stimulate critical thinking towards the key problems from the present and future of Bulgaria, Europe and the world.

Read more about the public lecture by Prof. James Robinson, entitled “Why nations succeed or fail? Implications for Bulgaria”, on 20th March 2014

Prof. James Robinson: “I don’t think that Bulgaria is a failed State”

Prof. James Robinson, co-author of the bestseller “Why Nations Fail” will hold a public lecture in Sofia by an invitation of the Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza”

Why nations succeed or fail? A view on Bulgaria

Read more about the public lecture by Prof. Christopher Field, entitled “Risks from a changing climate: What to expect?”, on 15th September 2014

Prof. Christopher Field: Climate change should be seen through the lens of risk management theory

Prof. Christopher Field, one of the biggest specialists on climate in the world, will hold a lecture in Bulgaria by an invitation of the Bulgarian School of Politics

Risks from a Changing Climate: What to Expect?

Read more about the public lecture by Dr. Helge Jorgens, entitled „The German Energy Model – a Possibility for Bulgaria“, on 17th June 2015

Dr. Helge Jörgens: „Political consensus and civil society support are of a crucial importance for the success of changes in the energy policy“

The German Energy Model – a Possibility for Bulgaria

The European Debates initiative is among the main events of the Alumni Association. Through it, young Bulgarian political and civic leaders take active part into the debate for the future of Europe and have the opportunity to provoke a broad public discussion on topics, which are key for Bulgaria and the European Union, as well as to act as a catalyst in developing and applying new policies.

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