On Focus: Child Justice Reform (2021-2022)

The project aims to provide data and information on the ongoing reform of juvenile justice in Bulgaria by encouraging the activity of NGOs, media and civic activists for civic monitoring of restorative justice efforts for children. On this basis, the multidisciplinary project team will analyze the stakeholders for the successes and failures of juvenile justice in Bulgaria. The project is aimed at all stakeholders in the process, as the main target groups are civil and human rights organizations, the Ministry of Justice, the judiciary and professional organizations. In order to achieve the set goals of the activities, the project is developed in three directions: research, which includes review of documents and summary of applications for access to information, systematization and classification of available data sets and their collection in a common database, conducting 6 focus groups; analysis, which includes processing and analysis of the collected information, methodological framework and matrix of indicators for evaluation and preparation of legal, sociological and media analysis; communication campaign. The expected results of the project are specific recommendations for addressing the identified challenges, informed involvement of a wide range of stakeholders in the control and monitoring of juvenile justice reform, developed tools for ongoing objective evaluation of effectiveness, established network for civil monitoring.