Three mayors – guests in the second course of the National Program

Yordan Yordanov – Mayor of Dobrich, Ivaylo Simeonov – Mayor of Elin Pelin and Trifon Panchev – Mayor of Dryanovo were guest lecturers in the second course of the National Program. It was dedicated to regional development and local governance and was held from 28 to 31 May in Borovets.  The three mayors shared from their experience and through examples about the possibilities to implement party policies through the municipal budget.                                                                      

Previously, the forty trainees from Class 2023 were introduced to the structure of the municipal budget, and in their group work they took on the role of municipal councillors. As such, they developed and voted on a municipal budget within the powers given to them by law and taking into account various political, administrative and market constraints. They received feedback on their work from the speaker on the topic – Zdravko Sechkov, Executive Director of the Foundation for Local Government Reform.

The second course of the National Program was opened by the Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry Dimitar Danchev, who is a graduate of the Bulgarian School of Politics. Danchev spoke about the economic challenges facing the regions in Bulgaria, successful solutions and policies.  Among the lecturers in this course was the Executive Director of the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria Sylvia Georgieva. She drew attention to the duties and responsibilities of local authorities and the financial autonomy of municipalities.

Assoc. Prof. Alexey Pamporov spoke about trends in the regions and possible policies for improving the demographic situation in the country.

The last panels for the sophomores were devoted to political debates and successful presentation. Assoc. Prof.  Evelina Hristova and Miroslav Mavrov gave the theoretical framework of successful political debate. After working in groups the trainees made a simulation of a political debate on the topic “For or against majority elections for MPs”.  They received feedback on their performance from the two lecturers.

The head of the Media and Communication Department at New Bulgarian University Prof. Desislava Boshnakova was the last lecturer for the course. With a lot of emotions and examples she spoke about successful presenters and presentations. All trainees were given individual homework on the topic “Imagine if…” by which to inspire the others and to find together a common idea for the future. Each of them will receive individual feedback on the homework from Prof. Boshnakova.