Seminar “Renovation of the building stock in the context of NRRP” was held by the BSoP

The Bulgarian School of Politics (BSoP) organized and held a three-day seminar for politicians on the topic “Renewal of the building stock in the context of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP)”. The forum was held in Borovets in partnership with Foundation “Center for Energy Efficiency EnEffect”.

Fifteen representatives of different political parties, including MPs and members of the governing bodies of the parties, took part in the training. Most of the participants in the seminar have graduated from BSoP or are currently studying in the National Program.

Renovation of residential buildings is one of the most important topics for European policies, not only in the field of energy and climate, but also as a tool to achieve energy independence and internal stability. The seminar identified opportunities for policy development in this area and at the same time provided answers to questions related to the regulatory framework. The training challenged the participants to develop their own arguments and strategies for the implementation of specific building renovation programs. A number of key topics were addressed, such as the fight against energy poverty, condominium management, building certificates, guaranteed result contracts, technical requirements for input materials and project implementation, which are key both for communication in an institutional environment and for direct conversations with the citizens.