On the Last Day of the Second Course, the Participants in the National Program Learned to Present

How to present? The trainees from Class 2022 of the Bulgarian School of Politics were looking for an answer to this question on the last day of their second course.

On the way to the successful presentation they were led by Prof. Desislava Boshnakova, Head of the Department of Media and Communication at New Bulgarian University.

“15 million person-hours a day are spent watching presentations, and 99% of presentations are a failure”, said Prof. Boshnakova, revealing how a few specific actions can make a good presentation. When planning it, it is important to think about the idea first, and then to think about the file itself. Simple words, visualization and without sub-points are key to making good slides and are the second action one should take when making a presentation. Finally, a final action – a good stage presence at the presentation.

After the long and emotional lesson from Prof. Boshnakova, the trainees from Class 2022 received homework. By the beginning of the next course, they have to make a presentation on “Imagine if…” The three-minute video of everyone will be watched by Prof. Boshnakova and each participant in the National Program will receive feedback from her.