The third course of the National Program for Class 2022 began in Borovets

The third course of the National Program “Governing Skills” of the Bulgarian School of Politics (BSoP) started on June 26 in Borovets. Hotel “Lyon” welcomed the 40 trainees from Class 2022, among whom are MPs, representatives of local authorities, businesses, non-governmental and professional organizations. The penultimate of the program’s four courses is devoted to policies at the national level.

The first guest in the third course was the chairman of the Commission for Prevention and Counteraction of Corruption in the National Assembly, Michal Kambarev. He introduced the trainees to the work of the commission in the parliament and focused on the challenges of being its chairman, on what the anti-corruption commission has done and what it has not been able to do yet. Eventually, the participants asked Michal Kambarev many different questions which made the discussion that took place useful for everyone.

The first training day of the third course continued with the trainees working in groups, where they were also given the module exercise. According to the case study, each group represented a certain political party. The groups had to negotiate among themselves through their representatives, with the aim of trying to form a coalition government. Work on the module assignment was within three of the training days.

Dobromir Zhivkov, manager of the Market Links agency, was the second lecturer of the day, who spoke about the role of parties and their processes in overcoming democratic deficits. After the lecture and subsequent discussion, there was group work again. This time the aim of the training task was to define target groups by analyzing survey results. The trainees presented their work in the large hall, and Dobromir Zhivkov gave feedback on the groups’ achievements.