The Vice President of Bulgaria, Ministers and MEPs Attended the Charity Ball of BSoP’s Class 2022

The anniversary, twentieth, Class of the National Program “Governing Skills” of the Bulgarian School of Politics (BSoP) kept the tradition. Following the example of their predecessors and the founder of the School Dimi Panica, the 2022 graduates chose their cause and organized a charity initiative to support it. During their training, the members of Class 2022 were united by the confidence in Alex, Bojan, Radena, Emilian, Viktor – children from the Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (FAPA). It engages with activities of adapted athletics children and youth with special needs. At the end of March this year, sports children with Down syndrome, supported by FAPA, won 6 medals from the World Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

During the last few months, BSoP’s graduates have been working tirelessly to organize a charity ball to raise funds to help the children of FAPA. On April 6, the ballroom of a capital’s hotel gathered over 270 people. They were invited by Class 2022 and responded to support the champion children. The BSoP sent out invitations to all of its graduates as well. A significant number of them were guests at the ball, and others supported the cause by donating money. The charity ball was opened by the Vice President of Bulgaria, Iliana Yotova. Among the guests were the Minister of Justice Krum Zarkov and the Minister of Tourism Ilin Dimitrov, MEPs Petr Vitanov and Andrej Slabakov, newly elected and previous MPs, representatives of local authorities, administrations, and the non-governmental sector. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan Demerdziev delivered a welcome address.

At the charity ball, various donated items and art products were auctioned. Funds collected will go to support the cause of Class 2022 of the Bulgarian School of Politics. The funds from the held raffle for the attendees of the ball will also go in support of the cause.

“Despite the different points of view, we managed to unite around the cause and look for solutions, not personal victories. Trust makes everything possible!”, said the members of Class 2022 of BSoP and hope that more people will support their cause. Until April 30, the bank account (BIC: BPBIBGSF, IBAN: BG41 BPBI 7940 1092 2500 01 – Irina Ilieva and Aleksandar Nikolov) remains open for donations.