Current and Completed Projects


The project aims to provide data and information on the ongoing reform of juvenile justice in Bulgaria by encouraging the activity of NGOs, media and civic activists for civic monitoring of restorative justice efforts for children. On this basis, the multidisciplinary project team will analyze the stakeholders for the successes and failures of juvenile justice...
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The aim of the project “Organic Agriculture Innovation Platform” is to increase the knowledge of adult course providers about organic production, marketing and branding of products through new and innovative curriculum. In it, the Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza” is partnering with the lead organization “Forum CSRD” (North Macedonia), “Serbia Organica” (Serbia), “Eko Zadar”...
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The overall objective of the project “Active Youth for Prosperous Societies” is to encourage stronger regional youth cooperation by identifying new connecting issues based on the EU Youth strategy, which may in the long run, benefit from innovative solutions. Short-term objectives: 1. To develop policy entrepreneurship, leadership and good governance skills in the young people...
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